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Land Of ChangTa
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City of Seoul [yunjae - yoosu - keimin] Chapter 1 
26th-Sep-2010 06:25 pm
Title: City Of Seoul
Authour: ninomiya-arashi (cymrutvxq)
Pairings: YunJae [Yunho+Jaejoong] YooSu [Yoochun+Junsu] KeiMin [Changmin+Keita Furuya]
Genre: Romance, Humor, Drama
Rating; PG-13 [NC-17 in later chapters]
Chapters: 1/33 + Epilogue
WARNING: Males getting preggers, you have been warned! :D
Summary: Jaejoong was bored with his life, he was stuck in a small city, with a bad job, not many friends and nobody to love. His life was soon going to change after his Psychic friend makes a sudden prediction, that Jaejoong's true love will be found in Seoul. Being thrilled by the idea Jaejoong leaps on the next train to meet with his cousin Junsu, and his boyfriend Yoochun. But staying with his cousin's friend wasn't what he expected to be doing, especially not a work obsorbed, geeky looking vet called Yunho. Jaejoong immediately sees that Yunho is in need of serious help and not just with the looks, and doesn't realize that Yunho would be changing his life around too.

Hey guys! I know... I should have worked on that summary a little bit more :/ I havn't posted a Fanfic in sooo long.. I've been working on this fanfic for over 2 years now :O I haven't had much time at all to do it because of University and all that jazz! But here it is! Enjoy! :]

I also have the link to my crappy trailer for this fic so feel free to take a look! :P

hmm... I've posted this to jaehodetox and yoosuyongwonhi... so I thought I'd put the link up here too! this journal deserves more entries because Changmin and Keita would make a frigging DAMN good couple! :D

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