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Land Of ChangTa
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[FIC] Alternate Universe 
12th-Aug-2008 02:14 am
Author : Lady Miria
Series summary : To think that Keita never believed in that alternate universe thing. If only he hadn't fallen sick over some...food, too. His surroundings looked the same; but how many things exactly had changed? And how come his own boyfriend wouldn't acknowledge him anymore? And most importantly; would he be able to go back to his world?
Chapter : "What do you mean ' You don't know Shim Changmin ' ?" (1/?)
Disclaimer : They are not mine.
Main pairing : Changta ...
Genre : PG-13 (and I believe it will stay that way...) crack-ish, attempt at humour, drama.
Warnings: AU...intended...>>
Chapter summary : Keita comes back from a rehearsal, going to grab a bite with his band members. Feeling the all better, he went to meet with Changmin.
Note : Beta-ed by revezauxetoilesunnie! ♥
( What do you mean ' You don't know Shim Changmin ' ? )
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